7/05/2016 1:20Am


Has anyone who is closely associated with the industry and is seriously concerned about its future paused to think about the way the number of films are flopping and falling by the way side every week? How come no one has the time or the inclination to find out why people are rejecting films outright, even films made with the biggest of stars who are supposed to be the guarantors of success at the box-office? There has to be something very seriously wrong with the way films are planned, made and released because otherwise how can so many films made with all the best or supposedly best intentions fail to make any kind of impact week after week.

Ever since the beginning of 2016 we have only seen a few films which have been able to grab the interest of the audience. The only exception that come to mind is “Bajirao Mastani” which lived up to the great expectations. It was the only which was planned and made on an ambitious and lavish scale and aroused great expectations and lived up to those expectations. It is shocking to see even a superstar like King Khan not being able to work the same kind of magic he has been working for more than twenty- five years. Both his big releases, “Dilwale” and “Fan” have had a very disappointing reception by the same people who have made him the King. In the case of “Fan”, the opening was good but the scenario changed with the second week and now box- office reports coming from all over have clearly shown how the film has been a major disappointment in every way except for the King’s performance as the fan. The King has another big release coming up in “Raees” and it is to be seen whether he can satisfy his fans and admirers who have shown clear signs of disappointment with his last two big releases. If this is the situation in which the King can be caught in, we wonder what will be the state of all the other stars, big and small.

In the last four months there have been at least forty films which had not even run for one day and in the case of many there have been no shows or there have been shows with almost no audience. For example, there were three releases last week, “Santa Banta”, “Lal Rang” and “Nil Battey Sannata” and it was a scary sight to see theatres looking like empty godowns and large and small store houses. The films were so disappointing that one wondered why they were made in the first place.

It seems like a miracle the way the industry has been surviving under the most crippling circumstances, but how long will miracles work and how long will God help this industry which has got into the habit of making rank bad films without any serious thought given to them.

There is a general feeling among people who know nothing about filmmaking who come to this industry to make films with the sole intention of making money and hobnobbing with stars and other celebrities. These are the people who don’t mind losing a lot of money just to be known as filmmakers and once their films are made, released and fall like nine pins all over the place, they are never heard of again, both those who produce and direct these unfortunate films but also those who work as artists.

It is high time that those who have an interest in making films know how important it is to have a good script, a good director, actors who know at least the basics of acting and technicians who are experts at their jobs. It is these aspects that can make a reasonably good film which could be an artistic and commercial success.

It is also time for all the associations to know a little more about the people who make films. Money alone is not the criterion of making films. The sooner people interested in making films know this stark reality the better. A good script is the foundation on which a good film can be built. There are other ways, but the script or call it content is very crucial. The consistent crashing of films tells a very sad story whose end it is difficult to know. All those depending on films as their only source of livelihood will have to put their heads together to wriggle out of the dark tunnel the industry is getting into because if they don’t, the future could be very shocking. God helps, but God helps those who help themselves, it must be known by all filmmakers and all those involved in the dicey business of filmmaking which is growing more dicey with every week.

S.Kumar Mohan