15/04/2016 6:00Pm


BANNER: Sharp Minds Moving Images,
PRODUCER: Mukesh Thomre
DIRECTOR: Sharadchandra Jadhav
CAST: Sharadchandra Jadhav, Nandkumar Patil, Sunil Sonar, Madhusudan Telang and others.

STORY:Ek Hota Valya is the saga of Koli community's struggle to get the Constitutional rights to keep their own existence.

CRITICAL ANALYSIS:Writer-director Sharadchandra Jadhav has beautifully made a film Ek Hota Valya, which is based on the Adivasi Koli community. The film highlights the issue of injustice on Koli and other similar tribes, who haven’t received justice even after 65 years of independent India. However, in the process of showing all the details, the film has stretched to 140 minutes. The film produces all the facts and evidences to prove injustice suffered by the community over the years, which makes the audience think seriously about the issue, presented through this film. The film does succeed in effectively presenting the issues of Koli and other tribes like Halba, Govari, Dhangar, Thakur, Gabit, Kolgha, Kolcha and Manevarulu. Very few films are able to present such issues. But, Ek Hota Valya does it with total sincerity and hence is worth a watch.

TRADE ANALYSIS: The film has good buzz among the audience and trade. In addition, it has received good reviews from critics which will help it draw good chunk of audience to the theater.

At the box office, the film may turn out to be profitable ventures.