10/02/2016 2:40Pm


Actor, producer and director Ashutosh Raj is making a Marathi film titled ‘Jalsa’. Recently, the film was launched with muhurat, followed by shooting. He has written the story of the film along with Abhiram Bhadkamkar. Incidentally, Abhiram is a creative director of this film, which also stars popular comedian Bharat Ganeshpure. The other star cast of the film, besides Ashutosh and Bharat, comprise of Nikhil Wairagar, Girija Joshi, Shital Ahirrao,Sonali Vinod, Sagar Karande, Abhijit Chavan, Arun Kadam & Ankur Vadhave. The story of this film is about two youngsters Amar & Prem from Pune from rich family, who are keen on taking up acting as their career, much against the wish of their parents. But, their maternal uncle encourages and helps them. Their journey on way to this glittering field is all that the film will present, through its humour filled screenplay. The film will be released soon.