"My wife is my role model" | Fawad Khan
29/03/2016 2:40pm By: Mohnish Singh

"My wife is my role model"

Fawad Khan is flying high! After wooing millions of hearts on his home turf Pakistan, the supremely suave and sophisticated actor has created a stir in India also. His widespread popularity augurs the culmination of almost one and a half decade toiling in television and film. Now the actor, who made his Bollywood debut with 'Khoobsurat', is all psyched up for his new film 'Kapoor & Sons'. Fawad speaks to Bollywood & TV Reporter Mohnish Singh about his latest film along with differences and similarities he finds between Indian and Pakistan cinema!

How did you bag this role?
To be very honest, Karan’s Mom (Hiroo Johar) and her friends admire me very much. Karan hadn’t seen my work till his Mom recommended him to see some of my work. I feel he then saw my work and felt that I would be suitable to act in one of his projects.

How is the treatment of Kapoor & Sons different since 2 guys are falling for the same girl?
The film is treated in a very subtle and a nice way. There is nothing larger than life in the film and everything is treated in a very nuanced way. The film is carried by all the actors equally and not just by one. The film focuses on relationships in a very realistic way, which I feel makes it adorable and lovable.

How was the experience of working with Alia Bhatt?
Alia is a very wonderful actor. I have learnt that she is extremely intelligent through the conversations we had while shooting. She is very informed about her craft and the mechanics of the industry. She has a lot of knowledge at such a young age. I feel she is going to wipe off everyone in the next 10 years.

Did you feel isolated at any point during the shoot of Kapoor & Sons since Alia and Sidharth are rumored to be linked-up and dating each other?
It’s a known fact that Sidharth and Alia’s onscreen pairing is very popular. The isolation happens when we are sitting for an interview. The journalist’s are always interested in knowing and digging about their stories and hence I am left aside. But, I feel if they want to question both of them, then definitely they are entitled to do so. I just answer my questions.

Do you believe in Box-office numbers and 100-crore clubs?
I believe that the investment made by the producers for a film should be recovered along with some profits. I feel the race towards these 100-crore clubs is sucking the originality and the passion of films. People just cannot make plenty of money in one night. Then, it would be called as gambling.

What is your take on Pakistan not allowing the release of Indian films if it has a slight reference of the country?
Honestly speaking, I don’t turn on television for news. The only reason I turn on my television is to watch a movie or play video games. I am not active on social media too. So, I am the least informed person on current affairs. I haven’t had the opportunity of watching Neerja but I have heard a lot of stories regarding the release of Neerja in Pakistan. Some say that the film has been banned and the Censor board says that they haven’t seen the film. But, I feel every country has certain rules and regulations for allowing the release of films and we cannot contest the decision of the concerned officials. My first film ‘Khuda Kay Liye’ never got released in America.

How does your wife (Sadaf Khan) react to your massive fan following?
I think there may be some possessive moments. And it’s because sometimes people try to encroach your personal space without any permission. If the fan following and adulation is in a respectful way, then she is perfectly fine with it.

Who is your role model?
I feel my role model these days is my wife (Sadaf Khan). She lives a very balanced life with an unbiased perspective. I have become quite judgmental nowadays but she is always there constantly supporting me.

What differences and similarities you find between Indian and Pakistan cinema?
I feel the mechanics are pretty much the same. Acting, performing in theatres or recording a song is almost same everywhere. I feel the technical aspects are different between both the countries. The industry in Pakistan is rebooted in the past few years and the availability of technicians also matters very much. It shall take time for the technical aspects to come up and gain momentum but eventually they will.