"Naureen was one of the difficult characters to play" | Prachi Desai
10/05/2016 2:15pm By: Mohnish Singh

"Naureen was one of the difficult characters to play"

In a candid interview with Bollywood & TV Reporter Mohnish Singh, actress Prachi Desai speaks about her upcoming film Azhar. The Tony Dsouza directorial is all set to hit screens on May 13.

How has been your journey from Bani (Kasamh Se) to Naureen (Azhar)?
I feel it has been an unconventional journey over the years. I don’t know how many of them must have forayed into television at a very young age like I did. In fact, everything was unexpected and unplanned and kept going on. I also feel that life becomes more interesting when sudden surprises keep coming in your way. But, I have always taken up everything which came in my way.

Tell us something about your character of Naureen in this film?
Naureen was one of the difficult characters to play. There is very little data and information available about her. Naureen and Azhar got married at a very young age and they were together for around 9 years. So, she has seen him through a lot of highs and lows and while turning into a successful Cricket captain from a normal cricketer. They have their own silent love-story which many of us aren’t aware of. Azhar was always known for his style quotient and controversies, but through this film, the audience will get to know a different side of Azhar’s life with Naureen.

What kind of preparation have you done for this character?
I had to mostly rely on my director Tony Dsouza since there was very little information available about Naureen. I had framed the character and image based on the adjectives about Naureen which I collected from various people. But, everything changed when I met her recently. She is now a very different person, but I had to understand the nuances and various aspects by keeping the script in the mind. I got more and more familiar with the scenes because it’s a real life character.

Can we call this film a biopic?
Azhar is not at all a biopic film. It’s a film which is based on certain incidents which happened in Mr. Mohammad Azharuddin’s life. It can be called as a dramatized version of his life. The film mainly focuses on the 15 most important years of Azhar’s life.

Tell us something about your character in Rock On 2?
Rock On 2 is a film which has always been ahead of its time. Although it’s a sequel, Rock On 2 will be something very different and unusual than how normally sequels are made in Bollywood. It’s an extension of the prequel and I feel this one will surprise the people even more.

What changes have you noticed in Emraan Hashmi now since you have worked with him earlier too?
Emraan’s sense of humor has definitely improved. I think he has become more calm now and our chemistry too has become great. It was great working with him for Azhar because there was a lot of familiarity.